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After the basic form of the bong another important question arises: Do I want a big bong or a small bong? And what volume should the bong have? This question depends especially on the preferences of the smoker. While especially experienced smokers usually prefer big bongs, smaller volumes are more suitable for beginners. bong volume

What to consider?

  • Length and volume are not identical! Length and volume of the bong do not always have to be directly related to each other. Bellybongs usually have a higher volume than longer tubebongs. Also the diameter and the shape of the neck can have a big influence on the actual smoke volume.
  • Smoke and water volumes are two pairs of shoes. While belly bongs have a large water volume, they do not necessarily have to have a larger smoke volume than a tubular bong of the same size. Especially the water filling height and the length of the chillum can cause surprises here.
  • Special elements like ice inserts or percolators reduce the volume, so if you are looking for extra volume you should think about a bong without such elements.

What volume is the right one?

  • Volumes under 500 ml: Relatively small bongs which are mostly chosen by beginners. If you are looking for an inexpensive bong or if you prefer rather small bongs you should decide for a bong in this size.
  • Volumes between 500 and 1000 ml: Most bongs have a volume of this size, usually around 750 ml. So if you are looking for a "normal" bong you should decide for a volume of this size.
  • Volumes over 1000 ml: Large bongs for experienced smokers, parties or particularly intensive smoking experiences. To enjoy with caution because they can end an evening quickly. But this can also speak for bongs of this size.
  • Volumes over 2000 ml: Bongs for very special needs. An example of this would be the powerful Ehleminator. Consider the purchase of such a bong well, it needs already a safe handling of the material to be smoked to be able to use such large bongs of this volume order really meaningful.
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