Vote & Win

Competition paused

The winners for the month of November have been selected and contacted. The Vote&Win is now taking a break for the winter. It has well deserved it!

The following winners of the last month have agreed to the publication:

Occasionally, it seems that our "you won" mails are caught up by the anti-spam-systems of many freemail provider. Please dont forget to double check your junk directory every first monday of each month.
  • 1. Thug Life 'Black Frog' 29,2: pending
  • 2. head&nature Bong Set: pending
  • 3. head&nature Bong Set: pending
  • 4. Paper Set: pending
  • 5. Paper Set: pending

Here's how you participate:

  • Sign in and find the product to be evaluated.
  • Write a few lines and tell others about your personal experience with the product and rate it using the five-star panel.
  • Hit the "submit" button.
  • Profit!

With a little luck, you'll be selected among this month's valid contributions.

What makes a contribution invalid?

  • Comments unrelated to the product.
  • Posts with offensive content.
  • Flurry of typos.
  • Spam
  • Posts contpendinging personal data (please give no delivery address, the winner will be contacted via email to coordinate pendingelivery of the prizes).

Any person who is entitled to do so according to the laws of his / her place of residence may join our Vote & Win competition. pendingelivery of the prize is limited to destinations within Europe. The collected data will not be disclosed to third parties. You will not receive any advertising material because of your participation in our competition.

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