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Not only collectors of coins, stamps or the like appreciate the organizational value of zip bags, but also the collection of zip bags itself is becoming more and more fashionable thanks to the enormous variety of sizes, strengths and motifs and the desire to have a collection that is as complete as possible is rampant in ever wider sections of the population. The enormous selection of different motifs on baggies is, of course, largely due to the fact that pressure bags are a great advertising medium and the bags (if stable enough) remain on the man / woman for a long time and the advertising message can therefore last. Especially since the bags are even cheaper to produce or design than other popular promotional gifts such as lighters or key rings.

Alu Zip bag

A special feature on the market recently have been the increasingly popular aluminium zipbags.
These are more stable than most pressure bags of normal thickness and are also extra aroma-tight. Of course, this variant is also available with different imprints - so they are also great collector's items.

Vacuum bags - Iron-on bags

Standard zip bags are extremely practical in everyday use. Simply put into the bag, they are quickly available when needed, quickly opened and also quickly resealed and stowed away.

However, pressure-lock bags are not suitable when it comes to protecting the corresponding material from air and, if necessary, light. Especially in such cases the easy resealability of Zips is rather undesirable and can even spoil the contents permanently. In such cases, aluminium vacuum bags are usually the device of choice, as they can simply be closed airtight with an iron and thus protect the contents from spoilage.

However, this does not mean that a vacuum bag is necessarily a disposable item. Reusability can be easily achieved by simply cutting the edge of the bag and ironing the newly created edge. Even cutting into several smaller bags is no problem with a little practice.

The latter is also the main reason why iron-on bags are often much larger than standard pressure-lock bags.

In outdoor use

Zip bags are waterproof on both sides. So you can not only transport liquids with them - but you should not put too much weight on the Zip closure - but also protect things from moisture.

Trekking, for example, shows the great advantages of pressure-sealed bags, while water-protected packaging of clothing. In contrast to normal plastic bags, they have a much longer service life and are much easier to handle. Thanks to the variable sizes in which the Zip bags are available, you can stuff your backpack in all directions and make the best possible use of the inner volume.

A good application is also canoeing or inflatable boating. If you go canoeing frequently or even professionally, you certainly already have waterproof swimming barrels or duffle bags - but if you are simply invited on a weekend canoe trip or want to take part in a rubber dinghy trip?

But it is rather not worthwhile to invest money in such special equipment. Instead, you can put your wallet, mobile phone and other water-sensitive items such as documents, flashlights, wristwatches in a zip bag. Even if the folding boat capsizes or the dinghy is boarded, the valuable things are safely packed. And the clothes dry again. And if you don't want it to get wet, you can also get zip bags in the right size.

When surfing and surfing, you can also use pressure-lock bags just as well: They just fit into the tight pockets of neoprene suits and keep money and documents dry.

However, you should be careful not to buy the cheapest Zip bags - they are splash-proof and waterproof, but you should not rely on them one hundred percent. Then it is better to use the more expensive Zip bags, which are waterproof.
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